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Metaphysical Miscellany Radio Show

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Boy remembers previous life

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Incredible documentary:

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Renaissance Astrology

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I really enjoyed this radio interview and hope that you do too!

Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss Renaissance Astrology. In Act I Scene II of King Lear, the ne’er do well Edmund steps forward and rails at the weakness and cynicism of his fellow men:This is the excellent foppery of the world, that,when we are sick in fortune, – often the surfeitof our own behaviour, – we make guilty of ourdisasters the sun, the moon, and the stars: asif we were villains by necessity.The focus of his attack is astrology and the credulity of those who fall for its charms. But the idea that earthly life was ordained in the heavens was essential to the Renaissance understanding of the world. The movements of the heavens influenced many things from the practice of medicine to major political decisions. Every renaissance court had its astrologer including Elizabeth Ist and the mysterious Dr. John Dee who chose the most propitious date for her coronation. But astrologers also worked in the universities and on the streets, reading horoscopes, predicting crop failures and rivalling priests and doctors as pillars of the local community. But why did astrological ideas flourish in the period, how did astrologers interpret and influence the course of events and what new ideas eventually brought the astrological edifice tumbling down? With Peter Forshaw, Lecturer in Renaissance Philosophies at Birkbeck, University of London; Lauren Kassell, Lecturer in the History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Cambridge; and Jonathan Sawday, Professor of English Studies at the University of Strathclyde.

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The UK director of the International Year of Astronomy is to give a talk on his debates with astrologers about their beliefs.

Glasgow Science Centre-based Steve Owens, a former pupil at Culloden Academy, is returning to the Highlands to give the talk on Friday in Nairn.

Highlands Astronomical Society (HAS) and Moray group Sigma are hosting the event.

Year of astronomy events are running throughout 2009.

HAS said until a few hundred years ago astrology and astronomy were often held in equal regard, with astronomers such as Galileo practising astrology alongside their astronomy and mathematics.

However, the society said that advances in science had led astronomers to regard astrology as a pseudoscience.

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An Allegory

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I leaned from the low-hung crescent moon and grasping the west-pointing horn of it, looked down.  Against the other horn reclined, motionless, a Shining One who looked at me, but I was unafraid.

Below me the hills and valleys were thick with humans, and the moon swung low that I might see what they did.

“Who are they?” I asked the Shining One.  For I was unafraid.
And the Shining One made answer:  “They are the Sons of God and the Daughters of God.”

I looked again, and saw that they beat and trampled each other. Sometimes they seemed not to know that the fellow-creature they pushed from their path fell under their feet. But sometimes they looked as he fell and kicked him brutally.

And I said to the Shining One, “Are they ALL the Sons and Daughters of God?”
And the Shining One said: “ALL”.

As I leaned and watched them, it grew clear to me that each was frantically seeking something, and that it was because they sought what they sought with such singleness of purpose that they were so inhuman to all who hindered them.

And I said to the Shining One:  “What do they seek?”  And the Shining One made answer:  “Happiness.”
“Are they all seeking Happiness?”
“Have any of them found it?”
“None of those have found it.”
“Do they ever thin k they have found it?”
”Sometimes they think they have found it.”

My eyes filled, for at that moment I caught a glimpse of a woman with a babe at her breast, and I saw the babe torn from her and the woman cast into a deep pit by a man with his eyes fixed on a shining lump that he believed to be (or perchance to contain, I know not) Happiness.  And I turned to the Shining One, my eyes blinded.

”Will they ever find it?” And He said, “They will find it.”
“All of them?”
“All of them.”
“Those who are trampled?”
“Those who are trampled.”
“And those who trample?”
“And those who trample.”

I looked again, a long time, at what they were doing on the hills and in the valleys, and again my eyes went blind with tears, and I sobbed out to the Shining One:
“Is it God’s will, or the work of the Devil, that men seek Happiness?”
“It is God’s will.”
“And it looks so like the work of the Devil!”
The Shining One smiled inscrutably.  “It does look like the work of the Devil.”

When I had looked a little longer, I cried out, protesting:
“Why has He put them down there to seek Happiness and to cause each other such immeasurable
Again the Smiling One smiled inscrutably:  “They are learning.”
“What are they learning?”
“They are learning Life. And they are learning Love.”

I said nothing. One man in the herd below held me breathless, fascinated.  He walked proudly, and others ran and laid the bound, struggling bodies of living men before him that he might tread upon them and never touch foot to earth. But suddenly a Whirlwind seized him and tore his purple from him and set him down, naked among strangers.  And they fell upon him and maltreated him sorely.  I clapped my hands.

“Good! Good!” I cried exultantly.  “He got what he deserved.”

Then I looked up suddenly, and saw again the inscrutable smile of the Shining One.  And the Shining One spoke quietly.

“They all get what they deserve.”
“And no worse?”
“And no worse.”
“And no better?”
“And no better.  How can there be any better?  They each deserve whatever shall teach them the
true way to Happiness.”

I was silenced.   And still the people went on seeking, and trampling each other in their eagerness to find.  And I perceived what I had not fully grasped before, that the whirlwind caught them up from time to time and set them down elsewhere to continue the Search.

And I said to the Shining One:
“Does the whirlwind always set them down again on these hills and in these valleys?”
And the Shining One made answer:  “Not always on these hills or in these valleys.”
“Where then?”
“Look above you.”

And I looked up.  Above me stretched the Milky Way and gleamed the stars.  And I breathed “Oh” and fell silent, awed by what was given to me to comprehend.  Below me they still trampled each other.  And I asked the Shining One.

“But no matter where the Whirlwind sets them down, they go on seeking Happiness?”
“They go on seeking happiness.”
“And the Whirlwind make no mistakes?”
“The Whirlwind makes no mistakes.”
“It puts them sooner or later, where they will get what they deserve?”
“It puts them sooner or later, where they will get what they deserve.”

Then the load crushing my heart lightened, and I found I could look at the brutal cruelties that went on below me with pity for the cruel. And the longer I looked the stronger the compassion grew.

And I said to the Shining One:  “They act like men goaded.”
“They are goaded.”
“What goads them?”
“The name of the goad is Desire.”

Then, when I had looked a little longer, I cried out passionately:  “Desire is an evil thing.”  But the face of the Shining One grew stern and his voice rang out, dismaying me.

“Desire is not an evil thing.”

I trembled and Thought withdrew herself into the innermost chamber of my heart, until at last I said:
“It is Desire that nerves men on to learn the lessons God has set.”
“It is Desire that nerves them.”
“The lessons of Life and Love?”
“The lessons of Life and Love!”

Then I could no longer see that they were cruel.  I could only see that they were learning.  I watched them with deep love and compassion, as one by one the Whirlwind carried them out of sight.



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Pillar of Salt

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Lot’s wife looked back and turned into a pillar of salt. She symbolizes what happens when we cling to the past.

How much time do you spend looking in the rear view mirror rather than embracing lessons and moving ahead?

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Telekinesis – The Psychic Punch!

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October Eclipse Alert

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There are two eclipses this month. The first is a total lunar eclipse on October 8th beginning 8.15 am Universal Time. This eclipse reaches its peak at 10.54am Universal Time. It will be visible in the Americas and Asia.

The second eclipse is a partial solar eclipse on October 23rd beginning at 7.37 pm Universal Time. This eclipse will reach its peak at 9.44 pm Universal Time and will be visible in North America.

First of all, let’s address the question “what is the difference between a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse?”. Then we will address the question “what does an eclipse mean in the context of my life?”.

Eclipses occur when the earth, Sun, and Moon form a straight line. During a solar eclipse, the light of the Sun is blocked out as the Moon passes between the earth and the Sun. During a lunar eclipse, the reflective light of the Moon is extinguished as the earth passes between the Sun and Moon. In either case, light is eliminated. The effect of a solar eclipse lasts one year for each hour of the eclipse’s duration (usually about 3.5 years). The effect of a lunar eclipse varies in duration. Knowing when significant planets later transit over the eclipse point is key to chart interpretation.

An eclipse indicates what in your life needs to be changed. It is like an alarm signal telling you where to focus. This depends on its location within your natal chart (the natal chart delineates the soul or astral body which resides on the astral plane). It literally changes the manner in which you receive the energies or rays of the planets.

It is particularly significant when an eclipse occurs on or very near to one of your planets. As an example, Martha Stewart experienced an eclipse at a powerful point in her chart just before she fell from grace in 2003.

It is important to distinguish between eclipses that occur at the North Node of the Moon or the South Node of the Moon. The North Node enables energy to enter life, whereas the South Node allows energy to exit.  Two very different things…

The first eclipse this month is a South Node lunar eclipse which usually creates endings. The later partial solar eclipse is a different animal: a North Node solar eclipse indicating beginnings…

The first eclipse occurs at 15 degrees Aries (Moon) and 15 degrees Libra (Sun). If you do have a planet at or within a couple of degrees of these points, check it out more thoroughly. You should also investigate the eclipse further if it opposes or squares a planet in your natal chart. The second eclipse occurs at 0 degrees Scorpio.

Always remember that an eclipse is one of many astrological indicators in your chart. To get the full picture, you have to look at all of the details.

The next eclipse carrying huge global significance occurs in 2020. More about that in time…

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Go Fish!

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I was just putting together a new exercise for one of my online classes and decided to share!

This exercise is called “Go Fish for Talent”. I will share the second exercise “Go Fish for Opportunity” next time.

Part 1

If you sit down quietly, close your eyes and relax, you can see yourself quite clearly. You know yourself relatively well. Even more information and answers lie in your unconscious, but how often do you take time out to deliberately go there?

Get a notepad and pen. Take an hour to relax in meditation. Drift out of meditation when you have an important realization to write in your notepad. Once you have documented it, go back into meditation for more.

As you relax, ask yourself “what are my greatest natural talents?”. What are my best characteristics and behaviors? How have they benefited me in the past? How do they continue to benefit me?

You need a strong understanding of astrology if you want to do the second part of the exercise below. You need an understanding of tarot for the third part of the exercise below. If you don’t work with astrology or tarot, scroll to the bottom.

You can find a great overview of basic astrology in my book.

Part 2 – Astrology

Put your notebook away. Later in the day or week, when you feel relaxed and have some down time, go back to your notepad. Reflect upon your notes – reword them if you need to. Now, go fish for talent!

Focus on one item at a time. Take your natal chart and astrodynes. Identify the astrological factors that describe what you have written on your notepad. Get ready to write a lot more in that notepad!


Which sign is the planet under?

What is the planet’s essential dignity under this sign?

Is the sign masculine or feminine?

Is it cardinal, mutable, or fixed?

Is it a personal, interpersonal, or transpersonal sign?

Is it earth, fire, air, or water?

How does it function under this sign?

Which house is the planet under? In other words, in which part of your life and psyche does it operate?

Now consider what aspects this planet forms to other planets and parts of your chart. Look at the aspects one at a time.

Is the aspect harmonious or discordant?

What is the nature of the other planet(s) involved?

Why do they work or not work well together? Is another planet supporting or encouraging talent? Or is it getting in your way?

Which other parts of your chart are involved by nature of cusp rulership?

What are the consequences of all this?

How does it contribute to the realization(s) that you identified in meditation?

How do you now better understand the natural talent that you originally identified in meditation?

Capture your insights in that notebook!

Part 3 – Tarot

Now take your tarot deck. Get ready to shuffle it really well. As you shuffle the cards, ask for guidance about the particular talent that you have been addressing. Make sure that your question is clear. For example, “what can I do to put my natural talent (state what the talent is) to work?”.

Lay out the five card spread. Take a photograph of the spread if you like and attach it to your notepad. Now reflect. Allow your mind to become more passive and let insights from the card spread flow to you. Make more notes on the guidance that you receive. What do these cards tell you about the matter at hand?

Part 4 – Reflection

Having insight is great isn’t it? Knowledge is power, right!? BUT, what is the factor determining whether you evolve or stay where you are?


You can learn more about my online classes here:

Online Metaphysics Series

How to Create a THRIVING Spiritual Business

I also have more great programs coming soon! They include “How and When to Find the RIGHT Love”, “How to Predict the Future”, and “Quantum Self-Discovery”.

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