Direct conversation with my spirit guides

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Last week I had the incredible opportunity to speak directly again with my main guide Arthur and Coral Polge.  It was mind blowing! At some stage, I will share the conversation recording.  I also received a beautiful apport from spirit – a small brown stone manifested in thin air and dropped into my hand during the physical mediumship seance.  I have received apports before, but this was the first time that one has been gifted to me directly from my guides during a seance.  Below is a photograph of the apport and a short video clip of Coral Polge.

Spirit never fail to impress!

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Boston Bombing

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Like everyone, I feel so upset about the Boston bombings.  More people killed and injured for no good reason at all.  Sometimes, I think that the Spirit world must look down on us and ask “why are they killing each other?’

If you are receiving my blog, you have probably had a reading from me and know that helping people is my greatest passion.  As well providing insight for individuals, I work really hard on research because I feel so strongly that metaphysical systems hold all of the answers.  When I see events such as today’s bombings, I become more and more determined to prove that everything can be predicted!  And if we can predict events, we can avert tragedy.

I spent some time this evening studying Boston’s astrological chart. I was not surprised to see that when it is progressed according to hermetic principles, today’s event was perfectly foretold by the planets.  In hermetic astrology, we work with major progressed aspects which we calculate from the natal chart.  We see these major progressed aspects as major underlying circumstances (a little like kegs of dynamite).  We see minor progressed aspects as fuses to these kegs of dynamite.  Transiting planets act like matches, triggering events. Let’s take a look at what happened today…

If you are not familiar with astrology, please bear with me. I will try to make this as clear as possible.

The planet Uranus (sudden events and revolts) is progressed right on top of the Sun in Boston’s chart.  The Sun represents an entity’s essence.  Consequently, Uranus has been poised waiting to strike at the core of Boston.

Saturn (aka the great malefic or the Devil card in tarot) is progressed right onto Boston’s ascendant which is a critical factor in any chart.  In a person’s chart, the ascendant represents the physical body and outer personality.

Progressed Saturn is also forming a square (obstacle) to Boston’s Venus suggesting a negative event.  The underlying conditions were in place for a tragic event. Minor progressed aspects (the fuses) were also in place attached to these challenging underlying conditions.

With the usual astounding precision of metaphysics, the transiting planets triggered the event… Transiting Saturn was right on top of evil Zuben Elgenubi. Transiting Pluto (modern planet of death) was squared up against Boston’s Sun (essence).  Transiting Neptune (illusion) was discordantly squared up against Boston’s Neptune.  Transiting Neptune was also right on top of Boston’s Jupiter (the planet of good fortune).  In other words, the planet of disillusionment was crushing Boston’s good fortune.  Mars (planet of aggression) formed the perfect square (challenge) to Boston’s Mars whilst transiting Jupiter formed a square to Boston’s Uranus.

All of these dynamics combined to reflect the occurrence of today’s horrific event.  Like myself, I am sure that you are praying for the victims and their families.

You can help me in my determination to prove that we can predict tragedy by circulating my blog as much as possible.  I will not leave this planet until I have convinced the powers that be to use metaphysics to avoid tragedy and assist humankind.  If it takes me 100 years, so be it!

Wishing you all safety and many blessings.

Steven Frampton

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Stanislav Grof’s book “When the Impossible Happens” includes a chapter about Luiz Antonio Gasparetto, a psychologist from Brazil who is able to enter a trance state and paint in the style of a wide range of famous painters.  Here are just some of the famous painters that he channels: Monet, Picasso, Rembrandt, da Vinci, Modigliani, Manet, van Gogh, Gauguin.

As well as painting exact replicas of these artists’ known work, he paints “new motifs rendered in easily recognizable styles of individual artists”.  Dr. Grof describes how they turned off all the lights except for one small red light over the paper so that Gasparetto couldn’t distinguish color. At times Gasparetto would paint two different paintings together and even did one upside down under the table with his right foot. Loyd Auerbach who was present at one of the demonstrations writes: “The climax of the demonstration was when he did four paintings at once: one with each hand, one with each bare foot (these being done under the table at which he was seated), while his eyes were closed and he carried on a conversation. Each of the four paintings was by a different spirit artist.

I remember once meditating and asking my guides for assistance with a project.  Hearing the response “who would you like to help you?”, I laughed and answered “Leonardo da Vinci please”.  Strangely enough, just twenty minutes later my cousin came home with a children’s figurine of Leonardo da Vinci and said “I don’t know why, but I just felt that I should buy this kid’s figurine for you”.

Trance Mediumship enables the medium to allow a spirit to channel through their physical body.  This is quite a rare and complex form of mediumship which should not be undertaken without the proper training.  However, when undertaken with the right instruction, guidance, and ability, trance mediumship can provide astounding evidence of the soul’s continued existence.

Take a moment to watch this incredible demonstration of trance mediumship by Luiz Gasparetto himself:


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Number of people on the planet:


Number of atoms in the Universe:

3.0 x 10 to the power of 70

Least possible number of different combinations in hermetic astrology:

5.3937075 x 10 to the power of 68




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Free Audio – The Power of Astrology

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Please click the radio image below to listen to my recent interview about astrology:

All the best for Spring!

Steve Frampton

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Harmony Versus Discord

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I have been reading a lot recently and discovered a wonderful quote by CC Zain: “Harmony is life; discord is death”.  This really emphasizes that harmony in any area of life is constructive, but that all discord is destructive.  We grow through pleasure and pain, but often have a tendency to be overly consumed by painful situations.

We have each evolved through many experiences of consciousness prior to this lifetime.  Everything is alive and some say that consciousness begins by experiencing the physical world in mineral form (the ultimate being gold as it is purified and cannot be destroyed).  It then returns to spirit for assimilation before returning to the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, and then life in human form.

I recently gave a home to a stray kitten and find it fascinating to observe his behavior.  Because he went without food, he is ruthless about getting as much as he can from the other cats.  The experience of food scarcity is already deeply engrained in his unconscious mind changing his behavior at times from that of a gentle and loving kitten to an aggressive brute.

90% of our processing is unconscious.  The unconscious resides on the astral plane located above the physical plane.  It is here that the soul or spirit resides (the soul or spirit is the unconscious self).  All of your experiences are stored in your unconscious mind – that is why a hypnotist can make you recall any previous experience.  All of these experiences and the way in which they have been integrated very much influence your current character, reactions, behaviors, and unconscious tendencies to manifest or create what you experience in life…  Those of us who have suffered pain in romantic relationships generally continue to unconsciously manifest the same again if we are living on autopilot.  But investigating the soul through self-reflection, psychotherapy, and advanced metaphysics enables us to identify and change some of these unconscious dynamics.  This is how we can transmute tendencies towards pain into tendencies towards pleasure.

Quite simply, the different compartments of life (work, relationships, community, etc.) are correlated to different zones of the astral and physical bodies.  Harmony is conducive to life.  Discord kills.  Wherever you allow yourself to experience discord, you damage the corresponding zone of your astral and physical bodies.  This is how we get sick.  So, the moral of the story is that we need to work on ourselves and choose harmony in all areas of life in order to flourish.  The elimination of discord is conducive to health, abundance, and happiness.  So, remember to choose harmony!

Here is a tool that I use to measure discord versus harmony (on a scale of 1-10) in each area of my life on a monthly basis.  Reflecting upon the results enables me to make changes so that my life is as harmonious as possible.  We are all work in progress and should never stop growing because the road to wisdom is never-ending…

I will be teaching the two day Quantum Self-Discovery workshop in Knoxville, Tennessee (Saturday 6th April and Saturday 20th April).  This is a workshop that I developed to help people better understand themselves, define their dreams, learn about mental alchemy, and create the future.

Please use the following links for further information about Quantum Self-Discovery:

Quantum Self-Discovery video clip:


Ted Presentation:


Quantum Self-Discovery audio file:


Quantum Self-Discovery blogs:


Quantum Self-Discovery® unleashes three quantum shifts that will transform you and your life:

1. Understand yourself – Discover who you are, what makes you tick, your life purpose, greatest strengths and talents.

2. Identify your dream – Define what you truly want to create and achieve in this lifetime.

3. Plan your future – Create your transformation using high impact tools to get you on track quickly.

The cost of the two day workshop is $329 including all books and materials. If you would like to reserve a place or have questions, please feel free to contact me.

You have unique capability and unlimited potential!

Have a great weekend!

Best regards,

Steven Frampton




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As a kid, I often felt that metaphysical truths were encoded not only in symbols, but in fairy tales.  Yesterday, I discovered the truth about Goldilocks and The Three Bears whilst reading “Spiritual Astrology” by CC Zain.

According to Zain, the three bears represent reason, impulse, and intuition. The Big Bear in the sky is symbolic of the way to truth. The tail of the little bear reaching it represents our potential to use the unconscious mind to learn about truth. Unlike the unconscious mind (little bear), the conscious mind (big bear) is skeptical.  Per the ancient Indian legend and the Bible, God’s kingdom should be received as a child.  This is why Goldilocks loved the little bear’s belongings. The big bear and middle bears’ belongings were too uncomfortable for her.

The three bears went strolling in the woods while their porridge cooled. Goldilocks preferred the small bowl of porridge as it represented an intuitional assessment of life experiences.  The large chair was too high, the middle chair too low, but the small chair was just right.  These rocking chairs represent action and the little chair broke just as the physical body ultimately does. Goldilocks explored the beds upstairs.  She preferred the comfortable little bed because the unconscious mind is powerful in the sleep state allowing intuition to express through dreams, especially just before waking.  This is so because the great bear of reason and the medium sized bear of impulse are dormant at this time.

When the three bears arrived home, it was the tiny voice (often unheard intuition) of the little bear that expressed the discovery of Goldilocks in her state of slumber.  Straight away, reason (big bear) and impulse (medium sized bear) rushed in as she awoke and jumped out of the window. You see, intuition is heard during the sleep state until reason and impulse intrude upon the conscious mind.  This little voice should be tested for accuracy, yet it has the potential to access vast sources of information from non-physical realms. BUT, ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING?


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I was speaking with my friend during the weekend about the Knoxville Unitarian Church shooting that took place July 27, 2008.  She was actually at the church on that dreadful day when Jim David Adkisson sneaked in with a 12-guage shotgun in a guitar case during a youth performance of Annie junior.  As I am working on a project to determine whether mass murderers and serial killers can be identified using advanced metaphysical techniques, I was intrigued to take a closer look at Adkisson.

I use hermetic astrology, combined with numerology and statistics, to determine whether a person has any significant mental illness or a propensity to kill. One of my first discoveries was that serial killers (those who kill over and over) have very discordant natal charts whereas mass murderers (those who kill more than one person on one single occasion) seem to have harmonious natal charts.  This discovery alone would enable us to determine whether a potential killer would be a mass murderer or a serial killer. There are also many other fascinating findings that I can’t go into right now.  However, I do want to explore the case of Adkisson.

Most astrologers study the longitude of the planets (in other words, the distance or proximity of planets in the zodiacal wheel) to understand the psyche.  However, the planets don’t just move horizontally.  They also move up and down forming a wave pattern like this:

When Adkisson was born, Uranus was conjunct (next to) the Sun. Now, the Sun represents a person’s power urges and Uranus is renowned for its tendency towards eccentricity and sudden impulses.  It is also the planet of shootings… This combination alone means that Adkisson tended towards an eccentric expression of his strong power urges.  But the plot thickens… I study not only the longitude of the planets but their declinations.  This is basically the extent to which they are above or below the equator at any point in time.  When a planet goes above or below 23 degrees, the expression of its archetype / characteristics tends to lose control.  Adkisson was born not only with Uranus conjunct the Sun, but both were at extreme declination (above 23 degrees north of the equator) as was Pluto the modern planet of death. Aggressive world events also seem to occur when Mars is at extreme declination or nearing the equator.

Mars (planet of aggression) was indeed near the equator when Adkisson came into this world. It is also interesting to note that the Moon (mentality and emotion) was also at the same declination as Chiron.  The asteroid Chiron is normally an indication of where a person is wounded.  In the case of Adkisson, it means that his mental and emotional judgment were highly dysfunctional. I could go on and on about his chart: for example, his power center (Sun) and eccentricity (Uranus) formed a disharmonious connection with his aggressive urges (Mars).  We could even explore the positioning of asteroids such as Lucifer in his psyche, but let’s move on to the dreadful day in question when he opened fire in a church full of innocent people and wonderful children.

The event took place on July 27, 2008.  On this day, all of the astrological markers that we would expect to see in a person’s chart for this kind of horrific event were present. In hermetic astrology, we don’t just study transiting planets; we study progressed natal charts.  The progressed natal chart shows us deep underlying conditions within a person’s psyche.  The transiting planets trigger these conditions at a particular point in time. So you may be asking “what was occurring within Adkisson’s psyche on this day?”  Here goes:

1) Progressed aggression urges (Mars) smack bang on top of emotional and mental state (Moon)

2) Progressed emotional and mental state formed exact and powerful aspect to rigid lack of love and passion (weak Venus in Taurus)

3) Progressed Uranus (eccentricity and planet of gun crimes) forming exact aspect to (2) above…

4) Progressed Pluto (modern planet of death and crime) forming exact aspect to Saturn (ancient planet of death aka the Devil in tarot)

What about the trigger (transits) for these deep underlying conditions within Adkisson’s chart?

1) Transiting Mars (aggression) exactly conjunct (on top of) Adkisson’s Saturn (major malefic / ancient planet of death)

2) Transiting Venus (passion to do something) exactly conjunct Adkisson’s Pluto (modern planet of death and crime)

And what about the asteroid Lucifer?

1) 28 degrees Pisces forming a powerful aspect to Adkisson’s natal Pluto (modern planet of death and crime)

2) Exact square (discordant aspect) to Adkisson’s natal Venus (passion / lack of)

3) Exact square to transiting / triggering Pluto (modern planet of death and crime)

Etc. etc. etc…

You see, our experiences of life and all events are somehow mirrored by the ancient metaphysical systems.  These systems can be used to understand what is occurring and to peer into the very likely future.

So at this point you are probably thinking “okay Frampton, what’s your point?”

This is my point: like everything, a desire to kill can be identified through advanced metaphysics.  My hypothesis is that we can ultimately identify heinous criminals and avert tragedy. Not only that, but it is possible to calculate exactly when crimes would be committed. More about all of this in future…

Wishing you all love, happiness, and safety.  Love and peace to Greg McKendry and Linda Kraeger. Healing to those suffering from post-traumatic stress.

Steve Frampton

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10 Love Ingredients

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Ok, so today is Valentine’s day and many of us are thinking of love… Remember that the most important ingredient in finding the right love is to have a wonderful relationship with oneself. It’s quite simple really: we magnetize what we resonate…

If you are in a relationship or hope to create one, here are some important ingredients for a wonderful romance:

1. Fire signs combine really well with other fire signs. Fire also combines well with air. It does not mix well with earth or water.

2. Air signs combine really well with other air signs. Air also combines well with fire. It does not mix well with earth or water.

3. Earth signs combine really well with other earth signs. Earth also combines well with water. It does not mix well with fire or air.

4. Water signs combine really well with other water signs. Water also combines well with earth. It does not mix well with fire or air.

Remember to analyze how much of each element is in a person’s chart rather than making assumptions about Sun signs…

5. Venus and Mars in the same element leads to a great physical connection. These two planets in the same sign would be great! At the same degree of the same sign…? Mind-blowing…

6. Your ascendant represents your personality. Your descendant represents what you need in a partner. A partner with a good dose of your descendant (or at least its element) is very promising.

Don’t forget that wonderful and long lasting relationships also include the following three ingredients:

7. Physical harmony

8. Mental harmony

9. Spiritual harmony

10. Lastly, the most successful relationships include a joint commitment to self-understanding and self-actualization…

The concept of finding one’s soul mate is deeply spiritual. When consciousness separates from the God head to descend through the realms of existence below, it splits into two parts that each go their own way to evolve through experience. When each of the two parts have evolved sufficiently, they find each other once again to continue their ascension back home to the God head. This is the origin of the term “my other half”.

We don’t necessarily find our other halves in this lifetime, for it is just one of many experiences of consciousness. But, most of us do want to experience love and partnership in the physical world. In depth astrology is a wonderful way to unravel the mysteries of life. The natal chart is a map of the soul which outlines where we have experienced pleasure and pain as we have evolved through our many experiences of consciousness. It enables us to decode pretty much everything about ourselves throughout our lifetimes. The art of Synastry involves analyzing the dynamic between two individuals – it is a highly sophisticated way of understanding a relationship and establishing harmonious love. To reiterate how powerful and accurate good astrology is, let me tell you that I get inquiries about economics, warfare, politics, health, law suits, criminal cases etc. I tell you this to demonstrate that metaphysics is not just mumbo-jumbo…

When you compare yourself with a partner or prospective partner, avoid the following common pitfall of astrology: The Sun sign is but one part of a person.

The archetypes of every sign of the zodiac and planet are present within you. It is misleading to say “he is a Capricorn” just because his Sun is under the sign of Capricorn. It is far more accurate to understand what we call “astro dynes”. Astro means “star” and dyne means “power”. We should determine how much power we have in each sign of the zodiac. Let me give you an example: My Sun is in Capricorn and it is true that the archetype of the Sun (one’s core or power center) is very much in Capricorn in my case. If you ask my friends where I am, they will probably be correct in stating that I am working. However, the Sun is one of the weaker planets in my chart and Capricorn is one of my less prominent signs of the zodiac. I am by far Aquarian because I have four planets under this sign. If you ever want your own astro dyne breakdown, please feel free to contact me – I offer a breakdown of the planets, signs, and houses for just $20. I also offer full consultations on relationship dynamics.

My new workshop “How and When to Find the RIGHT Love” will be available online later this year.

If you enjoy my blogs, please send them to your friends and family. You can even post them on social media networks. Others can sign up for regular updates on the home page of my website: http://stevenframpton.com/

Last of all, I wish you all the love in the Universe on this wonderful day!

Steve Frampton

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Another Gift from Spirit!

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As a Psychic Medium, I receive a lot of information from spirit (often in my sleep).  When it comes to information that is about me, I usually forget it in the midst of my work and busy schedule.  I had forgotten that my guides told me in December that they were sending me a male ginger tabby cat from “a family name”.  I already have three, so I didn’t take a lot of notice.

Last weekend, I was invited by my wonderful friend Evans Bowen to have dinner and drinks with a group of her spiritual friends including Amaru Li who is a Peruvian Shaman.  Apparently just the day before the dinner, Amaru had given a public talk during which he mentioned the importance of “the golden jaguar”.  It was the Leo full Moon. When I arrived at Evans’ home near the smoky mountains for dinner last Sunday evening, she showed me a beautiful stray golden cat that had taken up residence on her porch for a couple of weeks. As soon as I approached him, he jumped into my arms for a cuddle and Evans offered him to me.  She kindly checked the local newspaper to see if a golden cat had been reported missing.  She also spoke with the local vets and neighbors. After these checks, Evans scheduled an appointment for this beautiful cat to be neutered and vaccinated tomorrow morning.  In the afternoon, she is bringing him home to my house to meet his brothers Oscar, Muti, and Tigger.

You may at this stage be wondering where the family name features in the story…  Well, Evans is a very prominent name in my family because I was raised in North Wales and my sister’s married name is Evans… As soon as I met Evans, I felt a great connection and felt that we were family.

The new addition to my family will be named Leo.  The fifth house of the zodiacal wheel is ruled by Leo and, amongst other things, it represents pets. It is also where my stellium in Aquarius is located. Leo is the sign of the Sun and the lion.

Evans is incredibly knowledgeable about spirituality and Egyptology.  She told me that Leo is the golden jaguar of the east and the symbol of spiritual power in Incan mythology. He is also Sekhmet symbolizing spiritual power used wisely… If you are interested in Egyptology and mythology, I highly recommend that you subscribe to Evans’ fascinating blog The Perpetual Pilgrim.  You can also hear Evans speak about Egyptology via this link.

I did my own piece of research on the name Leo this evening and discovered that it is also an acronym for “law enforcement officer” which is fascinating because my biggest project at the moment is about the identification of mass murderers and serial killers.  If I get knocked off, the research and draft manuscript are at the bank and I would want you all to make sure that my four ginger tabby cats are taken care of and kept together always.

Another interesting synchronicity – my cat Muti sat here watching the letters appear on the screen as I typed this blog… He knows that something is afoot.

So, the moral of the story is “listen to spirit”!

Here is a picture of my new boy:

And here is Muti watching me write the blog:



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