Few people believe that the planetary movements have an effect upon their fortune and life events.  Oh how wrong they are… Most people acknowledge the fact that the Moon and Sun direct the oceans, but they ignore links between the planets and human behavior.  Here is a list of just ten ways in which the planets affect us:

  • Surgery at the time of a Full Moon carries a much greater risk of severe bleeding
  • More babies are conceived under a waxing Moon
  • Sun spots interfere with communication equipment
  • Tree sap rises under a waxing or full Moon
  • Solar radiation correlates with world events such as war
  • People have more accidents during the moon phase under which they were born (or its opposite)
  • Murder rates increase with the Full Moon
  • There is sometimes a connection between the progressed movement of Saturn in a person’s chart and cancer
  • Serial killers can be identified through natal astrology
  • Hermetic analysis of planetary cycles enables the very accurate prediction of events

Please use the comment box to share your personal experiences of the planets and their impact upon our lives.

If you would like to learn more about metaphysical insight to better understand yourself and the world, please visit my website stevenframpton.com

Here is a link to a great documentary about the Moon:

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Please click the radio image below to listen to my recent interview about metaphysics:

All the best for a wonderful 2013!

Steve Frampton

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Quantum Self-Discovery Life Transformation workshop - 2 Days 12th & 27 January – Knoxville, TN

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You are fully protected by our 100%, no risk money-back guarantee. We are so confident that you will get tremendous benefit from our 2 day life transformation workshop, that we’ll guarantee a full refund if you’re not satisfied.

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Another Shooting – William Spengler

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Let’s be honest – it has been a hideous month. On Friday December 14th Adam Lanza killed 26 people of whom 22 were kids. On Monday December 24th William Spengler killed two volunteer firefighters. Tired of these hateful crimes, we are asking ourselves what on earth we can do to prevent these atrocities. We know for a fact that the authorities occasionally use psychics for criminal investigations, but this is usually after the event when it is too late to save lives.  We need to find radical new solutions to identify serious criminals and to avert more crises.  I spent this morning studying Adam Lanza and William Spengler’s natal and progressed astrology.  Natal astrology shows us a map of a person’s soul at the time they were born.  Major progressions in hermetic astrology show us what is occurring within a person’s psyche at any point in time.

There are obviously many factors that cause a person to become so sick and disenfranchised that they commit such awful crimes – the environments in which they were raised and their experiences in life to name just a couple. Nonetheless, we can identify predisposition towards crime when we study a person metaphysically.  Not only that, but if we have a short list of high risk criminals (like Spengler who murdered his grandmother), we could closely monitor them metaphysically and identify specific dates on which they would be highly likely to reoffend.

By way of example, let’s take a look at Lanza and Spengler.  When I study these cases, I am always drawn to the positioning of the Moon (mentality and emotions) in the natal chart as well as the trans-Saturnian planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto).  I also look closely at the two malefics: Mars (the minor malefic) and Saturn (the major malefic).

Spengler has a particularly grim chart.  In other words, prior to this disastrous lifetime, he had experienced a lot of misfortune and pain. He came into the world with a very poor outlook. The Moon in his chart is in opposition to his Sun and Neptune.  This indicates a disconnect between his emotions/mentality and his power center (the Sun) as well as his imagination/vision/ psyche (Neptune).  Not only this, but his Moon is squared by Uranus indicating a potential for sudden and disruptive emotional or mental reactions.  Even his Sun and Neptune were squared by Uranus indicating more disconnects, but this time between his eccentricity and his power center as well as his psyche.  His Pluto (particularly important in these cases as it is the planet of death and is often associated with obsessions and crime) is in opposition to his Jupiter (the major benefic) which is then discordantly squared by the planet of aggression (Mars). Saturn (the most challenging of energies) was near to his Sun suggesting that the major malefic was closely associated with his ego and self-esteem. I could go on, but I have probably made it clear that Spengler had a very rough looking chart.  Remember that the chart is a map of the astral being / unconscious.

Lanza was born when Neptune and Uranus were right on top of each other.  Moreover, they were both close to his Moon.  I often feel uncomfortable when I see this kind of aspect in a chart because it suggests a strong integration between the sudden feelings of individuality / eccentricity  and the psyche/illusions/delusions.  Saturn also squares Lanza’s Pluto which is never helpful.  Astrology is complex and I don’t intend to blog a whole book, but here are some interesting correlations between Lanza/Spengler and other famous sickos:

Trans-Saturnian planet opposite Moon or Sun: Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Hitler, Seung-hui Cho, Eric Harris, Timothy McVeigh.

Now don’t worry if you also have a trans-Saturnian planet in opposition to the Moon or Sun – it doesn’t mean you are a mass murderer or serial killer. BUT, if you have a track record of brutal murder and are now in the public domain (like Spengler), you should certainly be on somebody’s “monitor closely” list.  I will write another blog in the next day or so demonstrating how it is absolutely possible to accurately predict when in the future such a character will commit another heinous crime.  It is the same process that we use to metaphysically answer questions such as “when will I get a new job?”; “when will I meet the love of my life”; “when will I make great money?” etc.

I hope that you will join me in sending your thoughts of love to all of the poor people who have lost a treasured family member or friend in one of these evil crimes. I also invite you to take a moment to project love and healing to those people who have recently passed to spirit because of one of these tragedies.  I know for a fact that they are receiving an abundance of love and healing in the spirit world, but there can never be too much love.

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Three Wise Men

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On this wonderful day when we are fortunate enough to gather with friends and family to celebrate, we all too often forget the spiritual lessons of Christmas.  How did the three wise men know about the birth of Jesus Christ? His birth was announced by a star in the east which the three kings (the Magi) followed in order to locate him. Why were they looking at the stars?  Because, amongst other things, they were astrologers. In Spanish, the three wise men are known as the “tres reyes magos”.  What does “mago” mean? It means “magician”. The magi were practitioners of magic including astrology, alchemy and other forms of esoteric knowledge. The magi were those wise men initiated into the ancient secrets rooted in the mystery schools. They knew that there was a correlation between what happened on earth and what happened in the sky.  They understood that everything is interwoven and that the stars reflected what was due to and needed to occur on earth. This is the principle behind the famous hermetic saying “As above, so below”.  There really is nothing new about the use and power of metaphysics.  The Magi understood that their attainments and spiritual knowledge carried great responsibility to make a difference in the world – literally, journeying to give gifts.  So, on this wonderful day, we can take a moment to reflect upon the gifts that we offer to the world or what contribution we make to universal welfare.

The three wise men offered gold, frankincense, and myrrh.  Why?  Because gold represents spirituality.  It is the indestructible metal representing the perfect blend of the other purified metals. We can describe it as “spiritual gold”. Frankincense represents thoughts and ideas and myrrh the purely physical. As we make our plans for the new year, we can reflect upon the extent to which we are creating spiritual gold.  In other words, the extent to which we are learning the lessons represented by the other metals and purifying ourselves to become our best.

As you make your plans and journey with your gifts, remember that we have a huge amount of insight and potential at our fingertips. Metaphysics is a wonderful way of understanding oneself, life, and our opportunity to make a difference in the world.  It is also a great way to peer into the future (as did the wise men) considering what is very likely to and needs to occur.

On the 22nd of December, the Sun reaches its lowest point in the sky.  It appears to stop moving south for three days stationed in the southern cross (crux). On December 25th, the Sun moves north one degree indicating a move towards warmth, longer days, and Spring. As you enjoy the festivities, I wish you all the best for 2013 including “sonshine” in the form of light, warmth, and enlightenment.

Happy Christmas!

Steve Frampton

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I have been receiving so many health related inquiries in recent weeks that I thought it a good idea to write about metaphysical insight for health.  You probably recall from previously blogs that we each have an astral body.  Here are some reminders about the astral and physical bodies:

  • When we are born into the physical world we take possession of a physical body
  • We must have a physical body to function in the physical world
  • We also have an astral body on the astral realm
  • The physical and astral bodies interact through electromagnetism
  • The astral body can be described as the soul or spirit
  • The soul or spirit is basically the sum total of your experiences of consciousness and the manner in which you have assimilated them
  • The soul contains your thought patterns associated with different areas of life (relationships, health, finances etc.)
  • These dominant thought patterns (the vast majority of which are unconscious) have significant impact in our lives
  • Everything that occurs (events, thoughts etc.)  occur firstly within the astral body
  • Metaphysical insight into the astral body provides an incredible amount of information about a person’s strengths, weaknesses, where they magnetize pain, where they magnetize joy etc.

Medical astrology is perhaps the most fascinating branch of this incredibly powerful and accurate form of metaphysical insight.  In depth analysis of the astral body through advanced astrology reveals our pre-disposition towards illness.   The type and timing of health crises is proven through statistical analysis of real life case studies.

Rather than waiting for a serious health event and then working to heal, consider looking into the future to identify your health risks, the probable timing of events, and ways to avert discord.  If you would like a detailed and tailored report on your health (see bullet points below) your astral body can be analyzed in detail to provide you with this empowering information so that you can live mindful of your health risks to be embraced and averted.  Imagine how powerful it would be to give this information to your health care specialists.

  • Analysis of your physical body’s weakest zones
  • Confirmation of which areas of life are associated with these zones (for example, discord in a relationship, career dissatisfaction, fears about money)
  • Mental antidotes associated with these issues and body zones
  • Insight into vitamins, herbs, colors, and crystals to strengthen these zones
  • Timing of key periods in your life when these events would most likely occur unless averted

If you would like to benefit from this in depth and personalized health profile, the cost is $200 and the turnaround time is 2 weeks.

Wishing you happy thoughts for well-being and happiness.

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Are you protected?

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I decided to write a blog this week about psychic protection because so many clients ask how best to shield themselves from negative influences.  When I speak with people about psychic protection, I usually find that they generally either don’t understand its importance or need to better understand how we come under the influence of negative forces.  You may remember from my recent blog entitled “you actually have two bodies” that we each have an astral body that resides on the astral plane located above the physical plane on which our physical bodies function.  The two interact with each other through electromagnetism, that is the positive and masculine energy of the Sun and the negative more receptive or feminine energy of the Moon.  The astral body is really the soul – it contains the sum total of a person’s experiences as well as the manner in which they have assimilated these experiences.  Psychologists often refer to the “unconscious mind” – this is, in effect, the astral mind which we can access through visualization, meditation, and hypnosis.

Imagine for a moment a large iceberg.  The part of the iceberg above the water is equivalent to the conscious mind.  But the conscious or human mind can only focus on so much at any one time.  The majority of our experiences, knowledge, and memories live beneath the surface – that enormous part of the iceberg below the water. It is actually the soul or the astral which is fed and molded by thought.  As we are all interconnected in this incredible sea of consciousness (the mass mind or the quantum field) we come under the influence of others.  We are psychically linked and can be affected by the states of mind of those with whom we associate ourselves.  The astral plane has many layers – the higher the layer, the more elevated the consciousness.  Lower entities and negative influences reside on the lower levels of the astral plane and will not ascend further until they have evolved sufficiently to warrant their place.  Remember that everything on the physical plane is replicated on the astral plane, but there are many entities on the astral plane that do not reside on the physical plane.  But don’t be fooled – they do exist.

The unconscious mind on the astral plane does come under the influence of negative energies and entities at times.  You may have heard people speak of negative attachments and entities that can adversely affect our state of mind and wellbeing. This is why it is important to honor best practices and healthy rituals for psychic protection.  Here is a list of some great practices that you should engage in to keep yourself psychically protected and healthy:

  • Positive thoughts
  • Prayer
  • Angels – it is great to have a picture of an angel or to call upon the angels for love and protection.  They do exist – they reside on the angelic realm in much greater proximity to the God head.
  • Incense and essential oils – I like white sage and protective oils
  • Plants – any time you nurture a living thing you bolster your protection
  • Engaging in positive spiritual work and development
  • Holy water
  • Icons such as the holy cross
  • Strong self-esteem and healthy boundaries with others
  • Pets – they’re often our first line of psychic defense.  You may have heard of poltergeist cases in which the family pet vomits – this is because animals detect and transmute energy on our behalf.  Cats transmute energy and dogs are very protective.
  • Crystals and color therapy – but make sure that you do your research: some crystals may magnetize discord for you if they resonate to a discordant planet or sign of the zodiac in your natal chart (which is a map of your astral body).
  • Avoid situations in which you are out of control – alcohol, drugs etc. Pot is one of the worst because it can create holes in the aura.
  • Spiritual music – I love Gregorian chanting.  Research music that includes the higher solfeggio frequencies.
  • Being in nature and displaying flowers.
  • Positive spiritual and religious rituals.
  • Visualization – imagine yourself surrounded by a white or golden egg.
  • Meditation
  • Calling on spirit guides for protection.
  • Nurture the physical body – some people take better care of their cars than they do of their bodies.  If your physical body is healthy and strong, you are better protected psychically as well.

Remember that kids also need psychic protection.  If you have children that are sensitive, teach them the importance of psychic protection.

I would also advise you to check your own psychic profile – if you have one or both of the malefic planets (Mars is the minor malefic and Saturn is the major malefic) in one of the psychic houses in your natal chart (4th, 8th, and 12th), you are more vulnerable to  negative influences.  Particularly, if you have Saturn in the 8th or 12th house, be sure to bolster your psychic protection.

I am putting together some great and very low cost on line courses and will include one on psychic protection.  The first will be available in a few weeks at just $29. In the meantime, look after yourselves because you are precious!




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Ask and Ye Shall Receive…

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I wrote a blog recently about my wonderful friend and gifted Medium Rachel Sally who gifted me an original Coral Polge portrait.  I had asked my guides to one day just get me a copy of a Coral Polge picture… Never having mentioned this to Rachel, I smiled at Spirit’s orchestration of events when she sent me the beautiful portrait of her guide Maria crafted by Coral in the year of my birth.  Well, it never rains but it pours… This week I received eight more original Coral Polge portraits from Rachel and now have potentially the largest collection of original Coral Polge works.

The portraits arrived with a newspaper article about Coral Polge from the Sunday Mirror June 19 1977:

Coral Polge is an artist with a world reputation for drawing portraits that are – literally – out of this world. For she says they are spirits of the dead. Usually she does not herself recognize the faces that appear uncannily on her sketch pad. But so many of them are later identified by her clients as dead relatives or friends that coincidence seems too easy an explanation. Here the Sunday Mirror examines the stories behind some of her mysterious portraits…

Coral Polge’s pencil sketched rapidly over the drawing pad. The audience watched in rapt attention as a girl’s face took shape on the paper. Suddenly, as the picture neared completion, Coral drew back, clutched at her throat and uttered a muffled cry. There seemed to be no explanation for the seizure that had interrupted her in this public demonstration of psychic art. Not until a woman in the audience – a total stranger to the artist – announced that she recognized the sketch. It was the face of her daughter – who had been choked to death by carbon monoxide gas.  “I could feel terrible contractions in my throat as I drew the face” Coral recalls. “ I have also drawn countless portraits of suicide cases and have gone through absolute agony as I sketched.” This is the other discomforting side of Coral’s mystifying gift.

In Spiritualist circles she is called a psychic artist. In laymen’s terms she likens herself to a “kind of radio receiver tuned to the world beyond the grave.”

“I can’t just call up the dead at will,” she explains. “ I switch on and hope that someone will communicate.  I never know who it will be.  I just feel ‘people’ coming through. I know exactly what to draw without even thinking about it. It’s involuntary, like breathing or walking.”

Coral is married to Tom Johansen, secretary of the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain and lives at Walton-on-Thames, Surrey.  She estimates that since she began her weird practice in 1949, she has drawn at least 50,000 people in the spirit world. “Sometimes the results can be upsetting for the person who requests a drawing,” she says.

“I sketched a boy and didn’t know whether he was dead or not. Only later did I learn that he recently killed himself. I did the sketch at a public demonstration and the boy’s sister was in the audience. She recognized her brother from my sketch and burst into tears.”

Coral had orthodox art school training. Later she went to a Spiritualist meeting where a medium told her she would one day be a famous psychic artist. “I thought it was a load of old rubbish” Coral says.  But she was persuaded to exercise her hidden talent. “At first I found it difficult to make contact with spirits, but my links with “the other side” gradually grew stronger. She says she is helped to use her psychic gifts by the spirit of a famous 18th century artist. Several mediums had told her they could see a man with a wig and lace ruffs. “One day I suddenly drew this figure.  A friend who is an art expert took my drawing away and found that it was an exact likeness of Maurice Quentin de La Tour who was one of France’s finest pastel artists.”

Coral provided exceptional evidence of the afterlife and passed to spirit in 2001.

Here are some of the portraits from the newspaper article:

Here are the portraits that Rachel gifted to me:











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You actually have two bodies!

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Few people realize that we actually have two bodies – one is the physical body that we require to function in this physical world.  One is an astral body that exists on the astral plane above the physical plane.  We come into this physical realm when the energetic blueprint is very similar to that of our soul.  This is why the planets at the time of your birth reflect who you are.  The astrological  natal chart is actually a map of the astral body, in other words the soul which developed according to the way in which we evolved pursuant to the sum total of experiences of consciousness.  This is why a good astrologer can read you inside out by perusing your natal chart.

When we take our first breath in this world, we “inspire”.  In other words, we draw spirit into our physical form.  The entrance of the spirit into the human body occurs through the generation of a chemical called DMT that allows the spirit to enter through the pituitary gland (the crown chakra).  Maybe this is why a baby’s skill is not fully sealed at that point?  It is this same DMT generated by the pineal gland that enables the spirit to “expire” when we are ready to transition out of the physical world.  But don’t forget that everything that exists on the physical plane also exists on the astral plane.  This is why you have a physical body here on earth and an astral body on the astral realm.  It is also why some people see astral entities that do not exists on the physical plane – you know, the pixies and hobgoblins.

Your unconscious mind is actually your astral brain – it knows and has recorded everything that ever happened to you in all of your experiences of consciousness. The physical body and the astral body communicate through electromagnetism – the positive and electrical energy of the Sun and the receptive or magnetic energy of the Moon.  This is why when one’s astrological connections to the Sun and Moon are terminated, one expires and returns to spirit.

So here we are feeling physical and in the physical world, but there is a much greater picture. We need to know that everything which occurs on the physical plane first occurs on the astral plane.  That is why we can tune in to the future to identify and embrace great opportunities or to identify and avert discordant events.  This is the part you really need to remember:

The physical body is fed with food – feed it the good stuff…

The astral body is fed with thought – feed it the good stuff…

This is what most writers discussing the law of attraction are in some way referring to.  Unfortunately, there is not much information in the public domain that fully explains this concept which is better described as the law of affinity or mental alchemy.

The moral of the story is that we must feed our astral bodies good things because what takes shape up there ultimately downloads into the physical.  This is why sometimes I see medical discord in a client while their doctor is saying that nothing is wrong.  Nothing is wrong – yet…

We can make wonderful things occur when we remember Jesus’ statement “The kingdom of God Lies within you”.  It was, in part, a reference to the fact that we are the Universe and can magnetize all manner of wonderful things when we operate out of love and integrity.  As most of you know, I am a great fan of a wonderful Psychic Medium and Artist now residing in spirit.  Her name is Coral Polge.  Coral would draw portraits of people in spirit providing incredibly strong evidence of the continued existence of the soul.  I was joking with my guides a couple of weeks ago when I said “Can’t you get me just a copy of a Coral Polge portrait?”. Two weeks later I had lunch with my friend Rachel, a wonderful British psychic medium from England who now lives in Florida.  She gave me an original Coral Polge portrait…  It is a wonderful reminder that spirit listens to us and that we can magnetize wonderful things when we project our thoughts with integrity.  Every time I look at this portrait, I will be reminded of how incredibly powerful and present the spirit world is; how important it is to project good thoughts to the astral body; and how Rachel has spent her whole life serving Spirit.

Think good things!!!

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I receive so many client inquiries about current and future relationships that I decided a couple of years ago to use my studies of Hermetics and Metaphysics to determine the ingredients of the perfect relationship.  But let’s start by talking about how and why we magnetize relationships…

We each came into this world with a blueprint reflecting how we had evolved up until that time (the soul). This unique and highly intricate blueprint is really a map of the soul showing what strengths and weaknesses we have developed as we have evolved.  It also details where we tend to experience conflict or harmony.  In this physical world, we each have a physical body – we can’t be here without one. But we also have an astral body on the astral plane which exists above the physical plane.  The physical and astral bodies interact through electromagnetism. The astral body contains the astral brain which in turn stores the sum total of our experiences.  I had the idea some time ago that if we could access the astral brain to unravel and understand a person’s sum total of experiences or soul, we can help that person to become everything that they should be in life.  We can also help that person to truly understand themselves and to navigate life with a heightened sense of self-awareness that enables them to create wonders.

As my studies continued, I began looking in depth at relationships.  We are all profoundly psychic.  For example, you monitor the environment around you at all times even though it does not necessarily enter your conscious awareness.  After all, we can only consciously focus on so much at once. When we meet people, we detect so much about them psychically, but for most people this awareness remains unconscious rather than overtly present in their conscious mind. Now, we are all here to evolve and that means learning… So, we telekinetically magnetize what we need for our growth.  Unfortunately we often grow through difficult experiences, but ideally we would grow through harmonious experiences.  So here we are, unconsciously aware of our blueprint and telekinetically magnetizing what we need in order to grow.  So, we magnetize relationships (amongst other things). So often, we draw in relationships that force growth through adversity. We have all been there, cried the tears, torn up the photographs and put ourselves back together.  But, relationships can and should be wonderfully harmonious.  They should be exquisite like the finest French patisserie instead of the iced donut that we just regret.

We each require different ingredients in the right relationship, but there is a core of ingredients that make a relationship successful. There should be a magnetic and exciting physical attraction and sexual connection; similarity of outlook in life; complimentary skills and characteristics that harmoniously bring growth to each partner; intellectual stimulation; interests in common; and a deeply spiritual or karmic connection.  As I studied away for hours at night, I realized that this is what we all want and need in a harmonious, educational, steamy, stimulating, life-long partnership. Now we all know this deep down, but how do we find it?  I always advise clients to work on themselves.  I say things like “become the best version of yourself; fall madly in love with yourself; create a wonderful life; be your own best friend, guide, guardian and mentor” – all good advice in my opinion. But then I became determined to identify through hermetics and metaphysics how to identify the right partner, and I realized that it is possible – it is possible to determine the dates on which highly compatible souls were born… I currently charge $150 for a one hour consultation and generally spend about two hours in preparation.  It is wonderful to work with people in this way either face to face or by telephone.  I do as much free work as I can, but there are only so many hours in the day. But I have identified how to calculate a person’s compatible soul dates of birth in approximately 30 minutes.  If you would like me to calculate this for you, I would be delighted to do so for a fee of $30.  If you would like to know more about using metaphysics to gather profoundly in depth and accurate insight into all circumstances and events in life, please feel free to contact me.

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