The Shocking Truth About Goldilocks


As a kid, I often felt that metaphysical truths were encoded not only in symbols, but in fairy tales.  Yesterday, I discovered the truth about Goldilocks and The Three Bears whilst reading “Spiritual Astrology” by CC Zain.

According to Zain, the three bears represent reason, impulse, and intuition. The Big Bear in the sky is symbolic of the way to truth. The tail of the little bear reaching it represents our potential to use the unconscious mind to learn about truth. Unlike the unconscious mind (little bear), the conscious mind (big bear) is skeptical.  Per the ancient Indian legend and the Bible, God’s kingdom should be received as a child.  This is why Goldilocks loved the little bear’s belongings. The big bear and middle bears’ belongings were too uncomfortable for her.

The three bears went strolling in the woods while their porridge cooled. Goldilocks preferred the small bowl of porridge as it represented an intuitional assessment of life experiences.  The large chair was too high, the middle chair too low, but the small chair was just right.  These rocking chairs represent action and the little chair broke just as the physical body ultimately does. Goldilocks explored the beds upstairs.  She preferred the comfortable little bed because the unconscious mind is powerful in the sleep state allowing intuition to express through dreams, especially just before waking.  This is so because the great bear of reason and the medium sized bear of impulse are dormant at this time.

When the three bears arrived home, it was the tiny voice (often unheard intuition) of the little bear that expressed the discovery of Goldilocks in her state of slumber.  Straight away, reason (big bear) and impulse (medium sized bear) rushed in as she awoke and jumped out of the window. You see, intuition is heard during the sleep state until reason and impulse intrude upon the conscious mind.  This little voice should be tested for accuracy, yet it has the potential to access vast sources of information from non-physical realms. BUT, ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING?


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