Hear My Spirit Guide and Coral Polge Speak!


I have thought long and hard about whether to make this recording public.  Part of me felt that it was so personal that I would keep it to myself. However, spirit advised me that great evidence of the afterlife should be in circulation to benefit as many people as possible.

Feel free to pass this incredible evidence of the afterlife to anyone that needs reassurance about the continued existence of the soul.

If you follow my blogs, you already know that my main spirit guide’s name is Arthur.  You will also know that I was gifted a wonderful collection of Coral Polge artwork earlier this year.  If you don’t follow my blogs or if you want a reminder, please check out these links BEFORE you listen to this mind-blowing recording:

Follow the link below to learn a little about the amazing Coral Polge and her mediumistic artwork.  Coral is now in spirit.

Coral Video Clip

Follow the next link to read my blog with background information about the artwork collection.

Artwork Blog

Now let me tell you that I participated in a trance Mediumship circle this summer during which my guide Arthur and Coral Polge spoke.  Before you listen to the recording, I want to reiterate that the participants in the circle did not know about me – they knew neither my guide’s name nor about the Coral Polge artwork collection.  I should also tell you before you listen that I had a near death experience several years ago during which Arthur greeted me on the other side.  You will actually hear him refer to this meeting in the recording. As you listen, also make a note of Coral’s “new birthday”.

Follow this link to hear the audio file (open it in a new tab or window with a right click):

Arthur and Coral Speak

And here is the date that Coral Polge passed to spirit: 29 April 2001

Here is a link to a blog that I wrote about an apport that materialized in thin air during the séance – it landed in my left hand.  My friend Nancy is going to wrap it in bronze so that I can wear it:

Apport Blog

Here is a photograph taken during the séance:















Have a wonderful week!

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