“I wish my life came with an owner’s manual.” Newsflash – it did! It’s your natal chart!


Join us for this fascinating workshop in Knoxville on Sunday August 19, 9am-5pm

Astrology Workshop – Natal Chart Interpretation: The Key to Self-Understanding

There is no better source of in-depth insight into who you are and the talents and challenges that you bring to this world than your astrological natal chart. In this workshop you will unravel the magical and in depth insight that your natal chart encodes in order to truly understand yourself and your path in this world. You will answer questions such these:

“What are my talents?”

“What are my challenges and lessons to learn?”

“How can I become my best self?”

“Why do some things come easily to me, but not others?”

“How can I become my best self?”

You will also learn how to understand others…

All of the information you ever wanted is available of you know where to look.

Join us for this workshop – it is one of the greatest gifts you could offer yourself because knowledge is power…

$149 including materials

Please contact for registration or call 865-456-4271

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