Coral Polge: World Renowned Psychic Artist


Those of you that have read my blog before know that I am fascinated by evidence of the soul’s continued existence. The presence, love and insight that we can receive from the spirit world never ceases to amaze me. I have been fortunate enough to receive more than enough evidence to substantiate my innate certainty that we are part of something much bigger. Nonetheless, I am always searching for more concrete evidence of mediumship and the afterlife to comfort and uplift others.

There is perhaps no better evidence of our loved ones’ continued life in the spirit world than that provided by Coral Polge. Born in Britain, Coral was a world renowned psychic artist who drew astoundingly accurate artwork of spirit and travelled the world sharing her gift. Coral learned of her exceptional talent when she was advised by a medium of her rare capability. Some time later, just after the second world war, she realized that the advice she had been given was true.

Audiences around the world were astonished and profoundly touched by Coral’s work. Automatic spirit controls would take control of Coral’s hand to guide her with accuracy and astounding results. Her portraits were renowned for their exceptional similarity with photographs of people that had passed to spirit and provided extremely strong evidence of life after death. During her lifetime, Coral drew over 100,000 spirit portraits and made an enormous contribution to spiritualism. Along with many other great mediums, such as Gordon Higginson, Coral proved that one day, when the time is right, we are reunited in spirit with our loved ones.

Please do check out the fantastic You Tube video below about Coral Polge. If you would like to learn more about mediumship, I highly recommend the following books, DVDs, and Kindles. If you would like listen to my recent Blogtalkradio show, please click on the link below:

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  1. Blanche McLanahan says:

    God bless Coral.
    She has helped me to understand the images I draw and where they originate. I do not do portraits, rather they are more obscure. It is as if I peer through an electron microscope and copy what I see on paper elucidating atoms and molecules. I was shown a water molecule that existed prior to the flood and was instructed how to extract free energy from the 4 hydrogen in this molecule. Also told it would be utilized in the future. I believe….. so for now I watch and wait.
    Coral was a beautiful soul and I know she is still working from the other side. I have peered through the veil and know of the life which there exists.

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